Olivier & O'Connor Inc. have developed a loyal clientele mainly in the Alberton and Southern Suburbs areas over the past thirty years which has increased substantially during this period. The company at present is one of the oldest in the South and Alberton.

Our conveyancing department is divided into two divisions, namely Bonds and Transfers with Lizelle Slabbert, a Notary and Conveyancer, heading up both divisions. All work executed by the secretaries in the Bonds Division who report to the different financial institutions and the conveyancing secretaries of the Transfers Division, are checked and overseen by an in-house conveyancer.

The Director John O'Connor, who is also an admitted Conveyancer and Notary, and Lizelle Slabbert, have taken a policy decision not to take leave at the same time with a view of ensuring that a conveyancer is on hand at all times.

We are operative in all the Deeds Registries and use correspondents where necessary i.e Cape Town, Pretoria.

Our relationship with a number of estate agencies, bond originators and developers has strengthened over the years and this affords us the benefit of solid support even when bond approvals are hard to obtain.

Currently Olivier & O'Connor Inc. are on the bond panels of all four major banks. Our reliable performance on behalf of these financial institutions is evidenced by the fact that we constantly appear in their top performer forum.

We are electronically linked to the respective financial institutions by modem and dial in as often as is necessary to maintain a constant dialogue with the particular institution. Thus not only do we have the human resources but we also have strong administrative systems as back up.



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