John O'Connor

Jakobus Johannes O'Connor matriculated in 1972 and completed his B-Proc at the University of the Free State in 1977 after completing two years national service. He was admitted as an attorney in 1982 and set up the practice in partnership with Kevin Olivier in 1984. He was admitted as a Conveyancer in 1991 and notary public in 1992. Mr. John O'Connor has 30 years of experience in Commercial Law, during which time he has attended to the drafting and/or consideration of contracts in a wide field of expertise.



Lizelle Slabbert

Lizelle Slabbert matriculated in 1994 and completed her B-Proc at the University of Johannesburg in 1998. She was admitted as an attorney in 2001, as a conveyancer in 2003 and notary public in 2004.

Mr O'Connor and Mrs Slabbert regularly attend seminars and conferences to stay abreast of current legal implications and changes to legislature.

Belinda Potgieter

Accountant/Office Manager and in-house Bookkeeper.

From front to back, left to right:
Lizelle Slabbert, John O’Connor, Belinda Potgieter
Mandi De Sousa, Constance Mokoena, Sarah Goulding
Bertha Motsoanakaba, Val Benecke; Clare Van Eck
Tammy Martins, Dalene Strydom, Kim Chalmers
Bianca Wall, Kotie Kleynhans, Tiffany Dalziel

Management has an on-going policy of re-investing in training and the required upgrading to ensure that the company stays "ahead of the game!" Perhaps this is another reason for our relatively low staff turnover. Naturally any achievement made by any company is only a reflection of their staff and Olivier & O'Connor Inc have the benefit of a large percentage of staff members being in our employ in excess of 20 years. The remaining staff has also been with the company for many years.

Other staff members

Kim Chalmers - Senior Conveyancing Secretary and overseeing the Developments Department

Mandi De Sousa - Senior Conveyancing Secretary and overseeing the Transfer Department

Clare Van Eck - Senior Conveyancing Secretary and overseeing the Standard Bank Bonds Department

Sarah Goulding - Senior Conveyancing Secretary and overseeing the Nedbank, FNB and ABSA Bonds Department

Val Benecke – Personal Assistant to John O'Connor

Dalene Strydom – Book keeping assistant

Constance Mokoena – Admin Assistant

Tammy Martins – Assistant To Mandi De Sousa

Bianca Wall – Assistant to Mandi De Sousa

Tiffany Dalziel- Public Relations Officer

Kotie Kleynhans – Receptionist

Sipho Malatsi – Messenger

Bertha Motsoanakaba – Tea Lady


Olivier and O'Connor Inc.

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